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"Thinking is drawing in your head" – Alan Fletcher

This is a blog of my thoughts, so you are looking at a written form of my mind drawings.

​I think about design, and get philosophical about design quite a lot. I also think about music, cycling, Watford FC, food, and ale!

​So that's what to expect from my blog. The aforementioned written mind drawings, and hopefully sharing some love through tutorials, and work-in-progress, to give people an idea of my design process.


I have finished my first year at uni. I'm not yet in a state of joy, as my body is still recovering from sleepless nights over the past fortnight. It's like a hangover, except I haven't been out in weeks. Most people would describe their jobs as 9-to-5. I would too, except recently, my 9-to-5 days seem to start and finish in the morning.

On a more positive note, the children's electronics kit turned out better than I expected, meaning the all-nighters were worth it. Here it is in action:

I decided to ditch the monster graphics in favour of the original circuit diagram, as they reduced the learning aid to a mere puzzle based toy. While I want it to be fun to play with, I also want to encourage curiosity about the electric theory, which is where the NASCAR analogy works well.

The packaging shows the different circuits in a stylised schematic, and the sketchy, organic style of the box sleeve is reminiscent of a child's drawing, meaning they can relate to it. I was inspired by products like graze boxes and innocent smoothies. The layout adheres to a strict geometry, but it is softened by hand-drawn lines and text.

Aesthetically, I still prefer the monster version, however I tend to agree with Louis Sullivan when he said that 'form follows function', so it was more important that the children learn, than they or their parents (doing the buying) find the product attractive.