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"Thinking is drawing in your head" – Alan Fletcher

This is a blog of my thoughts, so you are looking at a written form of my mind drawings.

​I think about design, and get philosophical about design quite a lot. I also think about music, cycling, Watford FC, food, and ale!

​So that's what to expect from my blog. The aforementioned written mind drawings, and hopefully sharing some love through tutorials, and work-in-progress, to give people an idea of my design process.

Naïve or Driven?

Hungover, I jumped out of bed, having just read an email explaining how employees from Native were coming to give a talk at uni, which was to be followed by interviews. I looked at Native's website, and was amazed that a company's design philosophy could be so close to my own. On the off chance that I could get an interview, I decided to go, two hours before the talk started.

I then realised that I didn't have a portfolio assembled, so I hastily put one together, put on my finest threads, and finished making my portfolio as the talk started. The showcase of their work made me want an internship at Native even more, seeing how they combine ID, UX, UI, and design strategy in a sustainable manner.

After the talk, I started to realise that the people who were being interviewed had already applied months in advance, and had sent off their portfolios already. I felt quite naïve, but it definitely wasn't a waste of a morning, because I now have a portfolio, and the talk inspired me to work towards getting an internship there.

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