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"Thinking is drawing in your head" – Alan Fletcher

This is a blog of my thoughts, so you are looking at a written form of my mind drawings.

​I think about design, and get philosophical about design quite a lot. I also think about music, cycling, Watford FC, food, and ale!

​So that's what to expect from my blog. The aforementioned written mind drawings, and hopefully sharing some love through tutorials, and work-in-progress, to give people an idea of my design process.

10 things I wish I'd known when I started Industrial Design at uni.

I found first year much harder than second year. Not only did we have the crushing workload, and relentless deadlines, but we also had to learn how to produce the work. Everything you do takes longer, because you constantly have to stop and Google how to do it. Looking back, there are a few things I wish someone had told me when starting out. These are some of those things, plus a bit of my work ethic.

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Why you should care about good paper.

We live in a digital age. Most of the media you consume today will be online. When we choose to print it bears greater significance than ever. It costs more than posting a blog; it is harder to get right; its harder to get to people...I could go on. But when you choose to print, it has more permanence than any tweet, facebook post, blog, email, or text.

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Did Clerkenwell Design Week surprise me?

I would want to know that somebody has been to Finland to inspect the grains of different hardwoods. I would want to know that somebody has been into every hardware shop in London to find the right kind of bolt to join the legs together. I would want to know that somebody has sat on fifty different types of foam to fill the seat with.

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Chestnut Butter

After I made the bacon jam, I had a handful of chestnuts left over. I like chestnuts roasting on an open fire. However, our student house, as delightful as it is, has been subject to health and safety fun sponges, and has therefore had its fireplaces removed, like some sort of homely castration. The chestnuts were also pre-cooked.

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